mindset; what you think may not be what i think.

I promised I’d catch up with this post, and therefore I have learnt to keep my promise. No offence if you’d keep on reading it. If you disagree, I don’t care but if you agree, probably what I am thinking is what you are thinking. I know this would draw controversy on my tagboard and wherever I go but I would like to make it clear that the sole purpose of a blog is for personal use. Therefore, it is for personal purposes, thoughts and opinions.

I am judging this based on my own views and opinions. I am clarifying this that I am a Chinese as well. So, being fair is what I am doing. I was not taught this way but through my 18 years of encounters and experiences, indeed what I think is still what I see.

Here are some reasons as to why National School brought up students will be more successful:

I find that students brought up from Chinese schools are very selfish. They care of they themselves only. Everything is about them. They count a meal’s cost to the exact sen. I mean, national school students wouldn’t do such that. We are more a less flexible when it comes to cash. However, Chinese school students will count with you to the ends of the earth and argue for a single sen. I (We) know that Chinese schools are famous for their Mathematics and therefore I suppose the way they were brought up taught them to count, count and count till sometimes arguments popped up. I don’t mean national type students doesnt face this but majority comes from Chinese speaking background. When I say selfish, they’d also often ask ‘What would I get out of this?’. This is a favourite question I know amongst the Chinese group. I see that national school students are more flexible; in the sense things can be negotiated; things can be simpler etc etc.

I find that Chinese school students also tend to create arguments and fights unnecessarily. They have that loud voice when talking shows not voice projection but their willingness to argue. They tend to piss me off with their loud voice that sometimes, I get so frustated. I’ve not come to a point of raising my voice. Why must you? I’ve noticed in a way, national school students are more civilised. I am not saying that they are uncivilised. They are civilised but behaves like someone out of the jungle. Creating fights is not what I want. Maybe they don’t understand.

In addition, they don’t understand because mostly have poor command of English. I am not saying that I have perfect English. I always read through my blog after I post it and I find it full of gramatical errors. But am lazy to edit. It is because writing a blog, I got no mind map or stuffs like that. I write whatever comes to my mind; including now. I keep typing and I don’t recheck the typo errors. I don’t know how and why that mostly Chinese schools teaches poor English and Bahasa. Is it done on purpose? Marking and examining my tuition student’s work is just terrible. The teachers doesnt correct her mistakes neither do they care reading it I suppose. They just gives the marks based on their mood and sometimes it is just annoying as a tuition teacher to remark their work. If you can’t teach, don’t teach. Your students are just losing out. The miserable tuition teacher has to remark and do double work. Makes no sense at all. But in short, I do know some people are really good in English although they are from Chinese school but how many are they? I can count them.

Apart from that, I admit I hate lalamuis and lalachais too. Please don’t get me nearer to them. I mean I am not discriminating them but I don’t like being around that circle of friends. I find them weird. I find them crazy. I find that too expressive. I find them rude. I find them messy. I find them drawing attentions. God, please do save them one day! Please! I don’t see National School girls or guys dressed like that. Never in my life SO FAR. But the world can be a better and more civilised place without these people!

Memorise and not understand? Chinese school students enjoy memorising for some who-knows reason. They memorise things really well too. So when it comes to essay, they are often stuck.

Enough of bashing them up. They do deserve some compliments too.

They are just so good in Mathematics. We national school students can never beat them in this area. They count really well and fast. I’d definitly lose out. Their intensive trainings in this subject is vast and just unimaginable.

They are hardworking. They are competitive. Studying in Chinese school makes each student so competitive and they end up being successful if they choose the suitable career path.. not in MALAYSIA but in some Chinese speaking countries. Many have left because they just can’t communicate well. This might be a good thing or perhaps a bad thing. I see that as a very misleading point of view.

I am so far so glad that my Chinese school friends has been quite okay. Or perhaps they are the one in the millions i can find in this world. I know it is not too good to judge but I am writing this down to reevaluate in the future when my kids needs education. =D


I am still waiting. Waiting so patiently for June to be over. I want July to be here soon. I can’t wait. Not just because it is my birthday but June just sucks. Many event has happen. Just so many. And most of it are disappointing. I don’t mean camp. Camp still rocks! June brings back the memories of the past which i am trying to get rid off. July, please do come soon. I hope July will be a great month ahead. I pray that things will be fine and better in July.

And I just got the news that my uncle got me a new mp4 for my birthday. I never thought of owning one by my own. I never even dreamt of having one. I never asked for one anyways. My parents went to his house and they refused to bring it back for me. My dad asked my uncle and aunty to pass it to me personally. So, i think I gotta wait. I don’t know how and what it’s like but my mum and dad agreed that it is cool! I relly hope to see it. This marks the start for me to start receiving gifts and presents for my birthday? Hahaha. But something I’d really want is to have back all of 2006 memories. But well, gifts and presents are just earthly treasures. I feel so blessed that I can’t contain it. (I am not saying so much I’ve gotta give it away; because I am not giving my new toy [mp4] away =D)

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