exam strikes

Exam timetable is posted. This tells me that I gotta get up and start studying. And worst thing of all, Malaysian Studies is like the first paper I am gonna sit for. I suppose to fail the paper. But well, I’d give it a try and just browse through the notes. It’d be tough I suppose. I know it won’t be easy too.

Just had a reading test just now. And it seems that I am not too good in English. Ah. Don’t believe me. I mean that the paper was confusing but it was alright. The funny thing here is that when Jacky kept insisting on sitting with me. And we were end up separated because we have to follow alphabetical order. People who sits with me will die with me. Trust me! Hahaha

It’s been sometime since I last blogger about what I did in life. I find that blogging is more than what you are doing. It’s what you feel about certian issues and that you wanna share to your readers. It could be random but well, at least not about what you do day and night and that you report to the world. i find that errrm..

Just successfully arranged for the interview for my group assignment with STARBUCKS. Yeah. Starbucks. This Friday 930 at Headquarters meeting the respective managers for an interview. I suppose it is gonna be fun. I know the managers though. Cause when i was working there I ws introduced to them. Well, obviously my uncle’s personal assistant arranged them for me. All I did was to wait for the call and say yes or no. Now I find myself useless in this scenario. Nevertheless, I am going there to dig out Starbucks greatest secret. Hahaha. Nah. It’s for my Group Assignment about Organisation. I am anticipating for this.

And I just checked my attendance in college as of today. It sucks to me serious. I don’t know what happened. Here, have a look-
OSE- 92%
English- 92%
Maths- 95%
Malaysian Studies- 100%
PDSM- 89%
There are some issues which is so complex. And because of this, I failed to get my PDSM docket for exams because I have less than 90%. I gotta wait for next week to collect it and I must ensure I don’t skip class anymore? But I will skip the other subjects.. Since now I got their exam dockets

This semester is ending soon. I know I’ve learnt much in this semester. I know I’ve mixed well in the gang. I wish semester 2 will remain the same. Let’s see what awaits me the coming semester. TIme is flying really fast. It’s now more than half a year. I want July to come quickly. June get just buzz off!

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