timetable disaster =(

I get so tired with the non-stop editing timetable of mine. It’s somehow hilirious to see sometimes a big college like these keep editing the timetable and providing us with such “good” lecturers. Se the inverted there? I get so tired of this ever changing timetable. I hate printing it over and over again or perhaps, I give up printing it because I find that I am just wasting time, paper and effort. At the end of the week, I’d throw it into the bin once again.

See my timetable (I am in GI, LI, T1: Group 1, Lecture 1, Tutorial 1). See all the L and Ts for the week. Those are the amount of classes I have to attend. The printshot left out one last Friday class which lasts till 5:40pm.

I wish there was an end to all these. It’s starting to get frustrating as the end of this semester is coming and I’d be receiving an all new timetable again. And re-adjusting my work and activities has never been any easier. I might not even get the whole Thursday in the future. I just enjoy ranting on this timetable thingy cause I find that I get so aimless, jobless (whatever Lynnett uses) during those unnecessary break times which then will lead to arguments on where we are going to hang out: Sunway, Bukit Bintang, Kinrara, Puchong?. Argh. This is more than annoying. Having 3 hours aimlessly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays where I can sleep at home or perhaps give tuition or at least to spend my time wisely.

This is just my rantings on the timetables. Annoyed with it for now. Semester 1 is ending soon; which means finals is coming soon. I don’t know anything or perhaps everything because I havent been doing my revision neither have I been completing my work. All I do is assignments, shows, blog, online etc etc. The nightmare of exams is starting to dawn upon me soon. Mind me if I get frustrated and stressed up.

And yeah, correction: Jesus loves us all. =)

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