Miss J, they call it.

They call it(her) Miss J, I call her ‘so poh’, i call her ‘aunty’, i call her ‘timberlake’. To be exact (or not so exact), her name is Justine. Have been thinking to myself for quite sometime on what to write about her. But I decided to let ideas flow naturally. I once met this little girl in APIIT in my class and tutorial. The first impression was, ‘Opps, there was a small girl in my class’. Coming to think back about it, it is hilarious. And besides her, will always remain one tall girl call Yen Fen (Currently: Miss Civilised is her name).

I know that I shouldnt judge a book by it’s cover. So, as time went pass, this little girl here got more and more noisy and perhaps, notorious. She is actually same age as me, perhaps, older.


FACT #1: She is one of a kind
I mean in some ways. She is definitly one of a kind. Her breed in Malaysia is almost extinct. I’d say that because of her behaviour and attitude. In a good way, she is much different compared to many others around her. She thinks differently. Hence, thinking is living. So she lives differently.

FACT #2: She is unique
She behaves unlike how some girls behave. She dresses differently, walks differently (like a duck) and speaks differently.

FACT #3: She is tomboyish
She is such a tomboy (at times). I know she is so gonna kill me for this. Nevertheless, it’s her being unique and one of a kind.

FACT #4: She is a big time drama queen
She is a big time drama queen. She cries when she wants to, scream when she wants to and scold when she wants to. She is small gas (or small fart) at times. So, don’t you dare go near her unnecessarily

FACT #5: She drives most men crazy! as in a great influenza =P
She is such a big influence to the people around her. She has that power to get people to listen to her and sometimes I wonder what is the big attraction? A great influenza she is. Yes, it is a sickness =P

FACT #6: She is fickle minded
She changes her mind like some queen. One minute, many decisions can change because of her. She is just some kinda happy go lucky girl

FACT #7: She doesnt cares about how others see her
Finally, something I find worth blogging about. Many at times, we see who we are just to satisfy the people around us. We are so worried that we cant blend into the crowd. We are so concern about how others think. But truly, she is a girl who stands out in the crowd and doesnt care what others really think. She can do stupid acts without feeling embarassed or without feeling the pressure of how others view her

I guess thats all I have to say since I made a promised to blog about her. I keep my promises as always [unlike someone =(]. All in all, She is a nice friend. Someone who is always there and never fails to cheer you up when you are feeling down and discouraged.

A friend in need is a friend in deed.

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