harvard referencing system…

I know. A stupid title.
You know why? I hate using Harvard Referencing System in my assignments. It is just so incovenient. You bold, you italic, you bold and italic, you etc etc etc.
It’s just such a hassle doing it. My assignments are complete.
I am quite proud of my PDSM Assignment though.
Personal Development and Study Methods
But not the referencing. I have done the referencing but it is not to Harvard Referencing System. I know there is nothing I can do complaining about this.
I hope you people check out this crazy Referencing System and if you have a choice, please use the Chicago System and so on which is way much easier. Why make life so miserable?
But well, I still have to complete it or else no Hillsongs for me tomorrow. No camp preparation on Friday and no rest time on Saturday.
And what a great news..
Maths test postponed AGAIN till next Wednesday. I freaked out when I heard about it.
Nevertheless, i went to see my lecturer. I can postpone the test till the next tutorial when I come back from camp. I was like thanking God with all my heart. I thought I have to rush back from PD on Wednesday afternoon to sit for the test. But, GOD is great!
See.. He is testing me…
And my collegemates: Please tell me the Maths questions after you people have done it k?
Muahahaha.. :)

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