assignments.. oh assignments!

Alvin Kok Eu Leong, oh Alvin Kok!
Finish up your assignments!
Yes yes! I am giving myself reminders that I have to finish up my individual assignments especially PDSM by this Thursday or else I’d be dead with such a fierce lively lecturer!
If I want to go to camp in peace, I must finish up all my assignments.
Exams and test will be on Wednesday and Friday. I don’t know a single thing on what I have been learning the past 2 months. Or is it I know but just acting don’t know? Oh gosh, I better work out my Maths and run through my Parameswara History in the next 24 hours or else, you know I know lah!
I need to get off with my Semester 1 in order to go Semester 2. So, I really gotta finish up my work! Feeling busy but actually I am not that busy. Maybe my mind is busy I’d say.
Looks like I wasn’t the only one who have had a 1-week aimless semester break. My collegemates did. And yeah, I did too. We did nothing but eating, sleeping and gaming or even pool-ing. But I think eating is in my class’ top priority! They went to Penang to eat, Some went to PJ for Seafood, some yam cha at 1U and I? Aimlessly went to Malacca to eat eat and eat too!
So, imagine our class? Elephants? 😛
Are we?

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