thank you

To the person who doesn’t give a damn in whatever I do:

– Thanks for killing my day before I left for PD and Melaka
– Thanks for being so honest. Your message are always so brainy; and mine always so brainless
– Thanks for giving me tht stupid sms early in the morning
– Thanks for giving me empty promises
– Thanks for your excuses
– Thanks for making me keep thinking during my whole PD and Melaka trip
– Thanks for letting me off my handphone for the whole damn day till the whole world couldn’t locate me.
– Thanks for the hurt and pain
– Most importantly, thanks for spoiling my day and ruining my PD and Melaka trip. You have such great influences in my life. It’d be better I just stop replying you at times although it costs me to miss you like crazy. Really.

Anything that makes you happy goes. I don’t give a sick damn about you now. I am blardy pissed off and annoyed. Don’t think I’d reply you even when I on my phone now. :(

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