When College Turns Outing
Location: Ampang Superbowl, IOI Mall, Puchong
Time: College Break Time
So, we went for bowling just yesterday, Wednesday. Trust me, it’s fun and cheap! And we were the only gang in the alley. :)
We had 3 hours break, so we decided to chilled out of college.
We first went to eat Kajang Satay located at Kesas Highway and not in Kajang. But the satay is good. Trust me. People line up and double park for it. To avoid the jam, we waited for them to be open instead. Sick APIIT fellas? Yeah, we eat like freaks. We go around looking for the best food in town.
So, we were back to college then for Mr Nagesh and Mr Suresh class ON TIME.
We are still good students.
Well, Wednesday will be and have been our routine for hanging out since we have long breaks apart from Mondays and Fridays. We have decided next week for karaoke? We will sure have something every Wednesdays. Good friends we are! :)
Here are some pictures..
Tun Ching in action

This is another sick fella called Alvin who was in the gang. Edmund aka Tuck Lee aka Tuckee in action.
Adrian and the person with many names 😛

Thts Adrian, Lennard, Edmund and Tun Ching. Me, the photographer wasnt in the picture!

Well, there are many of us there but this are the few pictures that caught my attention. I know I have not loaded pictures for years but it will soon be a thing of the past :)

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