life in college

Life in college.
Honestly, I hesitate in going back to an education institution after the nice relaxing 4 months break from books. However, I went back to APIIT UCTI located in Techonology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil. I hate the travelling. I really do. Imagine me going to Pandan Jaya LRT Station and to Chan Sow Lin Station and back to Bukit Jalil. All the hustle bustle that I have to go through to and fro?
Life in College is pretty fun. I am no lying. I thank God I got a super loud, noisy, talkative class. Okay, we are the noisiest tutorials you can ever find in my whole intake.

I have 4 subjects this semester, namely:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Personal Development and Study Methods (PDSM)
  • Organisation, Social, Environment (OSE)

Basically, I have 1 lectures and 2 tutorials for every subject a week. Tutorials are way more fun than the lectures of course. All the teachers are ‘kinda’ cool EXCEPT(there is always an exception) OSE lecturer; the so-called freelance lecturer.

I admit the subjects are kinda funny in a way but I am taking it positively. Or maybe it is just the second week? Still have that enthusiasm. I have been introducing myself like never before for the first time in my life. I am like doing that for the past 2 days in every lectures and tutorials and it is starting to get boring. So to make it interesting, we start to crap and change some details here and there so that there is some freshness in what we are saying. All in all, white lies.. 😛

I am enjoying Thursdays like never before because i finish lectures before noon. I know. I used to hate Thursdays in school because of the 2 BM and ENGLISH subjects. But for now, Thursday- i love!

APIIT is not like any other colleges around. It has so damn many strict rules which I do dislike at times but not like I can do much.

As much as I miss my secondary school friends, I have also made super duper many new friends here. We do laugh a lot and make a lot of fun and we start to hang out even it’s just the second week. We are altogether.. naughty?

Well, pictures will come soon. Orientation things will come into my blog later. I am feeling lazyyyyyy now.. Very!


CSC forced me to write and declare that she is pretty… Sighhh…

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