The fact that I wanna post a picture of a nice personalised beaded chained for you guys to see, but I am too lazy to do it. It was by CWMY… =)
That was the nicest Christmas gift I have received so far i suppose. And I love it. I see it everyday yet i dunno where and when to use it. Ehehehehe. Well, there is a necklace I bought for someone too but i am again lazy to post up any of the pictures. Feeling lethargic and moody =(
I am officially working. In a place where many people wanna work there- STARBUCKS! Well, it is cool working there. You see many people in and out tht cafe and you see plenty of people with their own characters and all too. Sometimes, they’d really give you a hard time. Nevertheless, the staff there are pretty cool and yeah, we have fun while we work. Now I know how to make drinks.. Grrr.. lots to memorize actually…Ain’t easy but holding on… =) Well, i don’t want to be getting paid for nothing also. So, I am trying to be a ‘good staff’ =P. Working there means I get privileges. When i work 8 hours a day, I get 3 beverages or more. I get to eat while I work and do sampling and also work around Berjaya Times Square like ordinary people.
Initially, i just wasnt used to the apron and cap, but things are now fine.. =) Got my first pay that day and yeah, spending everything really soon… On someone elses.. Haih… But my second pay is going to come soon anyway.. heeh heeh… =)
Yeah, all in all.. I am having lots of fun.. real fun

To those who are starting college real soon, all the best. I am missing my classmates and her too. And him.. God knows why i have such a loving heart and I am missing everybody.. HAIH..

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