I know I put aside blogging for some time. Have been extremely busy with so many things and to the point where I am soon going to break down. Those who thinks that I am weak inside, yes you are absolutely right! I hide everything I dislike and tries to please everybody even at the expense of my own feelings. And everytime I reaches home, i never failed to question myself and to sometimes cry over spilt milk and over other peoples’ mistakes.
Being a leader for such a huge event, a 9am-9pm event, ain’t easy especially when it is a youth event. Many aspects have to be taken care of and I admit I am NO superman. A youth event is tough to handle and now I am handling one. Sometimes, in the process, i do feel lonely, I feel discouraged and of course, I feel proud to be given this opportunity to handle such and event but things just don’t goes well ALL THE TIME.
Everytime at night, I throw everything out sometimes to HER and HIM but it doesnt mean they both takes it in ALL THE TIME. Sometimes, they get you even more pissed on the way. Well, I am tired but still holding on to the promises that God will make a way for this.
I just dislike it when you guys come to me for everything even when it is your work. I don’t see a point of doing that. I have delegated everything out and you still come back to me to help this and that. It is sometimes frustrating that you guys cant stand on your feet to do what you are expected to do. Really. I am just frustrated. If everyone comes to me doing the same thing, I would have gone mad or crazy etc etc.. Think about that?
I hate you being demanding. I hate you for being dependent on me. I hate you for throwing ur tantrums at me all the FREAKING time when I don’t agree or do what you want me to do when wht you are supposed to do IS YOUR JOB. I hate it when you threatened me.
I am offended with how you show me your hot temper and kept demanding for things that you have no right to demand to from me. I just dislike it that you are trying to show me faces. I am mean here but I just dislike this ‘NEW’ or ‘TEMPORARY’ you lately.. =(
As for her, still coping…
Things are fine with us. sill loving her like I have always been and she in return.
Learning to give and take is part of the process..
My current plans and jobs?
Working in Starbucks till March, i supposed. Working there is quite fun, seriously. A little tired but things are fine. =)
Wasn’t working yesterday. Went out with BL to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks in TS. Played few rounds of pool before walking around aimlessly like we liked doing all the time. Had fun with him, had lunch with him. Basically 55% od my yesterday was with him.. =)
Thanks bro…

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