When I saw her smile, i knew what she wanted. It was obvious.
Her words tells me what she feels about what i am doing and what I am going to do.
She amazes me by telling me things that i have not told her.
I know she cares.
She got all her resources from god-knows-where but it was all about me.
It it so nice that sometimes things you are worried to tell her about, she asks about it.
It lightens my load.
The beauty in her shows me how lucky i am to know someone like her.
The love and care from her always tells me that i am loved and cared for all the time.
She is amazingly beautiful.
When I give her gifts, her smiles tells me everything.
Nothing else is as important compared to her smile and beauty.
Her smile brightens up my day all the time no matter how dark and gloomy my day was.
She is there; though i am sick, though i am mad.
She waits patiently eventhough I am pissed and off my phone at times.
She endures and go through my joy and pain with me all the time.
She is ONE that means a lot to me.. =)



He gives me suprises when I least expects it.

He showed me love and care when I needed all both.
He showered me when gifts, presents and meals.
He shows me compassion when no one else does.
He patiently listens to my complains and my uncontented heart.
He tries to give me everything I asks for and fulfill all his promises even when it costs him something.
He still spares that little time for me eventhough he tells everyone he is busy.
He criticizes me with encouraging words at times.
He picks me up when I fall.
When my day is dark and gloomy, his smile and words will comfort me.
When I am in need of someone, the phone rings and it is him.
What else can I ask for with them?

This shows how blessed and how complete my life are…
with just the 2 of them… =)
they feel that emptiness in me..

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