klcc with ben

I thank God for a Friday that really cheered me up.

Nevertheless, Justin ditch-ed me for some shooting but well, I wasn’t too disappointed with BL either. Went out with him on Friday. I hopped on to the same train he did in Pandan Jaya station as his station was before mine. His car something happened. So, we went to KLCC!!~

We were quite rushed. We reached there and he went to buy movie tickets (not buy. redeem) and I went to grab a bite as I was really hungry and I bought him his water and all too ler.

We watched Perfect Stranger (don’t ask me how I managed to get into this 18 PL show). It is a show with a great twist yet with a lot of *ahem* parts but they censored all the F-words and all.

Then we went around walking aimlessly till about 6pm. From 1 to 6 we were out. And as usual, crap a lot and played a fool a lot too. Nevertheless, it was aimless, but it made my day or should I say it makes me holiday? Since I did not go out anywhere for holiday?

At night, i came back for ROCK rehearsal. Those people never expected me to show up. However I did showed up. But even if I wasn’t there, Justin was there to take over my place. So, things are still fine. And had such a late dinner and all. I never eat much that day anyway. Basically, I ate only popcorns. So, thats all about it.

We don’t camwhore, so, no pictures. Will see how next time.

If you don’t know who BL is, then maybe you should ASK!~ =P

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