shut it

Why must it go back to square one? If you have not heard all about this stupid government matriculation thing, you wouldn’t be so supportive. It has always been a firm decision that after SPM that I will do private colleges but now this seems like just-a-dream. Now after hearing about this matriculation thing, you tell me you have no money. I am so tired of it. Apply all you want.


Yes, NS list is coming out on Monday. I really don’t freaking care if my name is there. Go if there is, stay if there isn’t. It’s perfectly simple. I mean who wants to go. I don’t really agree that NS can instill patriotism and build good physiques. But it’s not like I have a freaking choice right. It is gonna ruin all my plans but well, looking it at the brighter side, I get to get out of home.


And I’d say ‘PADAN MUKA’ in your face. Think that you guys are damn great, damn powerful. This is what you get when you are 101% confident- 100% failure. Now the whole KL is laughing at you guys for not making it. It jst proves their point that you guys won by luck. Arrogant fools! I dunno what was meant by 90% winning nationals finals.

I know I am just plain evil and mad now. Very. No mood. And who the hell really cares if trials are on. I don’t!~ =(

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