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I have not blogged some time. Been lazy-ish to log in to blogspot when my computer lags like hell. It annoys me. Trials are basically coming up next week and what I have studied for the past 2 years is not in my brain. I don’t know how I have been seating for exams and test the few months ago but I am finally awake. But there is no point because I have been trying to study and nothing enters my head. Seriously, that feeling sucks. You are trying your best and yet your brain is like rejecting it. Well, I am still fighting the race with much endurance, have not give up just yet. Yes, I am scared but it doesn’t really matters.


26th JULY 2007

It was my birthday. I have finally turned 17 when the clock strikes 12.

SMSes started to flood my phone at 12 midnight.

People like Su Chen, Lai Shan, Lynette etc etc whom I think stayed up just to wish me Happy Birthday kicked off my day. At 6 in the morning, Grace Chu sent a message all the way from Sarawak. And well, Jono did sms me all the way from Brisbane too in the noon.

With much anticipation, I went to school thinking that it’ll be a good day. Well, it wasn’t that bad either actually. I was suppose to do Morning Duty (MD) in the gate. And it was non-stop people greeting me Happy Birthday; from juniors to friends- Justin, Sarveen, Wan Yu, Thong Leong did greet me. They remembered!- to my amazement. Was giving them a big wide smile; feeling great.

After school at about 1.30, I decided to skip pengesanan for Chemistry- the stupid test.

I rushed home, took a short rest, showered and online-ed a while before going to Times Square. Did i mention the person who SUPPOSED to be celebrating this day with me went for a camp and ditched me? Sigh.. Nevertheless, 2-3 days before, the bro, I meant Ben Leon asked me out. So with no plans in mind, I agreed. So, the place we were suppose to meet each other was in Times Square. On my way to Times Square, he sms-ed and told me he would be late and that I should get the tickets for Simpsons for the 315 movie first. So, I did.

Was walking around, and browsing through some Drama Books in BORDERS. And guess what, the bro of mine only turned up at 340. Well, wanted to merajuk a bit but well, I decided not too. Cause he was feeling really bad already. It wasn’t on purpose, his Maths teacher dragged the extra class on and on. So, when he reached, we rushed right into the cinema. We missed the front part!!!!

Well, after the show, we walked over to Sungai Wang since my bro came out without money and he decided to withdraw some money. Drizzling though. Went back to Times Square since I decided I want to lepak in Time Square instead of Sungai Wang. We then went to his car to throw my bag and he wanted to change. Was taking some time going around the food stalls around Times Square. We ended up having lunch at Mr Ramen. Then he passed me my cake. And well, we talked and walked around there. Manja-ed a lil and all. Then he left me at about 6 something since he said he is worry his dad will kill him or something.

BROOO!~~ I thank you for all the memories you had given me. I really didn’t mind that you were late. I know how bad you felt. You girlfriend did tell me too. And the fact that I know you were close to tears when you noticed how late you were touched me. You did tell me that you do love me although you don’t show it. And I want to tell you that- i know it and same goes here! And it made me feel worst in return to find out that you almost met with an accident while rushing to meet me =(. It makes me feel indeed priviliged and thankful to get you as my brother. I would never want to change any single bit of it.

But what? Lai Shan didn’t manage to join us. How sad la brooooo~~

After he leaving me, I went to Church for rehearsal for ROCK SUNDAY.

And yeah, I am sorry that I had to ditched Mr Justin Lee. I didn’t know that I promised him that I would meet him. I am indeed sorry lor. Since he asked if he can only spend some time with me. I can’t bring you out riteee? ISH!



Eh, come on guys. You want my signature. Don’t come being rude and all. I just hate it. I know I am being mean but so what?

For the girls, don’t come pulling and holding my shirt and sleeves and my hands. The whole school is watching.

And for the guys, watch what you are doing and saying.

I do give free tasks and I do sign, but somehow you guys just annoys me. That is the reason I bombard you guys with many tasks. I don’t freaking care if you have trials and all. Be angry with me, so what? You lose out in the end. I have standard and quality okay? Don’t come to me and give me pieces of paper and say that it is a bookmark. I really mean I would tear in your face. Don’t get me mad. Don’t tell me you want to do this and that. It is not your choice. IT IS MINE.

Some of you, I know are torture you guys like cats and dogs to get my sign. But look at yourself, who you truly are. How respectful you are towards me. Don’t greet me only because you need my signature to pass okay? I really mean it. It is starting to get a lil too much when you guys go despo and crazy. You guys going around to beg and all. It is way over the boundaries.

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