you think you know best

You think you guys know best. I am often misunderstood lately. Being misunderstood by everyone and anyone around me. Am I that unpredictable or is my words that twist-able?
I really don’t get it.I was just trying to make a point for the benefit of the team. Yes yes yes, I did say that you guys got first place by luck but what? Can you guys just listen to me before digesting the first phrase of what I wanted to tell? What I wanted to convey to you guys is that, YES, YOU HAVE WON YOURSELF A TRIP. What I meant by telling you people that you won by luck was to actually buck up.

I cannot change the results and I won’t want too. It is my school, a team that is representing the school and indirectly representing me. Why would I want to critisize you guys? All I meant was that you guys buck up and prove that you guys didn’t win by luck to others. I wasn’t insulting you guys. But what I meant was that you guys have been chosen to go Langkawi and many are saying that you guys won by luck. You guys should buck up and re-do and re-edit the weaknessed before going to Langkawi and to prove others wrong?

And you guys tell me with pride and arrogance that I was trying to critisize. I want you guys to win Langkawi too. I don’t care what has past. And if I was a bad director last year, I am sorry. Maybe it was totally my fault to that i brought you guys to failure. But at this point, you guys should be open to criticism and try to edit as much before it is too late. I don’t want to see St John’s or the KL team coming back without the Champions trophy.

And stop uttering those F words towards me. I was just telling you guys what other school said. And if you think they are sore losers, some of them didn’t participate. They were just visiting and observing schools. You know it just shows me how matured you guys are, uttering the F word to me just because I said something that you guys didn’t want to hear. And pride- the downfall of all men.

If I was that evil to not let you guys win, I would have not prayed that hard before the results were announced. Seriously, I was praying that He answers my prayers. And yes, my God did answer and it turn you guys into arrogant pigs. Come on people!!!~ WAAAKE UPPP!!

No one wants to see you guys get even a second place in Langkawi. We are in the same school. How uncivilised am i if i told you I am supporting another team? Ask around my friends whether I have ever degraded the drama team. I have never and will never do that. No matter whether I am in or not, it is still my pride.

If I meant to insult you guys, there are many other ways. Just think for yourselves. Last year, more than 40 schools participated and it was held in 3 venues, top 2 enters the final. While this year, more than 20 schools participated and it was held in 2 venues, top 3 enters the final and the winners get a bypass. Just use some of your brain juices and do the math yourself. Stop saying that I was insulting you and all. I can do it in many other ways if I want too. I was just doing for the benefit of the school and team. How much have i protected the name of the drama team in front of my friends and this is that thanks i get.

I don’t need thanks, if you guys don’t insult and curse me, thats already fine with me!

If anyone of you read this, just hope you understand that I was doing it for the good of you guys.
The words i said about being lucky and all were really not from my mouth. It was from a few people.


San Francisco, an advance birthday i’ll never forget…

And oh, someone treated me Kim Garyyyyy!!!~~~~ wahahaha

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