This week has been hectic. A week of mix feelings too.
I can say I have not ahd a great week. Just an average one. I have tried in everyway to make myself the happiest person i can ever be, but things pops up. And it is bad things =(

I am no longer pissed with him. I have tried to just put things down and talk. Although in some ways, I am not too happy with what has happened between us, but I am still trying. I know I was pissed with him. Very pissed indeed. But my anger has just slowly fade. Knowing that I still love and care for this bro of mine. I can never describe how important and significant the impact he has given me. I can never leave him in anyway. I am not being selfish here but in a way, i need him- the someone whom I can really trust and give my all too. Someone like him who has never fail to cheer me up. I am still not happy, but yet, I am no longer sad. I think I should just give him all the time he needs at this time as he is facing some major problems too. I don’t want to get into his way. That is being very ridiculous and not understanding of me if i do that.


Class has been awesome today =) it may be Thursday- the sucky and boring day filled with Chemistry, Biology, History, Maths, BM etc etc. But today rocks. Thong Leong was absent though. But the first 2 Bio period saw me and Soh writing scripts of some ‘dirty’ stories, and with Qi Kit, Hakim and Davis playing with phone, Davis, Hakim had their breakfast in the lab and Chiu actually ponteng Bio class and last but not least, Jun Yang playing his game boy.

During the 3rd and 4th period of Chemistry, things got even worst- we were all busy listening to the teacher and busy making own Chemistry terms and busy interrupting lessons. But the fact that we knew what was happening.

BM teacher wasn’t around. Moral teacher didn’t came in suprisingly. So we had pure fun- all the non Malays. Heh. We actually drew a big picture of Jane Chan and we actually threw shoes and dusters all over her potrait on the white board. We were enojying ourselves and indulging in MP3s and taking photos of ourselves. We camwhore too somehow. And we were dismissed at 1 because Pn Norbani replaced her class during BM period =)


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