What the heck am I blogging early in the morning on a Friday rite?
Yeahs, I skipped school today for some reason yet unknown.
But seriously, my teachers are not around today. And if I were to go to school today, I would only study 1 period.
I think I’d reather spend hours of my time on the computer instead of spending my time in school sleeping and talking.
I mean well, it’s also the eve of Masquerade Night. So, there are some preparations yet to be done.
So, basically excuses for me to skip school lah.
There is some good news I think I should announce:
Jane Chan is leaving for a month for also some unknown reason.
Maybe if I was taught by Mdm Elizabeth or Mdm Ng, I would be so sad not for not having English lessons. Nevertheless, it is Jane Chan. So whether I’ve got class or not also, it doesn’t really matter right. It doesn’t improves my English

Next things next, Pn Mahaya is leaving. My Form 1 supervisor who is now in the morning session is leaving for Saudi Arabia. She teaches perfect English and she is leaving. I still remember the days where we used to say Mahaya Berbahaya. Bahaya coming and stuff like that. I am so sad to see her leave. She is the debates teaching. I guess someone would be taking over. I would definitly miss her tremendously. A malay tacher speaking perfect English.



Self control. Some people really don’t have self control. My classmates would know who. I am not mentioning names. I really feel his pain. Really. The wounds and scars on his hands being canned by the parents. If he doesn’t feel the pain, I feel it. Why can’t he stop going to CC. WHy can’t he go after school? He is jst being foolish by making such decisions I guess. He was never like that. I guess someone influenced him.


People who are going to LTC, good luck and all the best!!

Pathetic people- going with the juniors and Mrs LTP. Gawddd..
I can’t imagine.
Getting new step-brothers? HAHA. I would laughs. Its like teacher is forcing you people to get ome brothers or something like that. Same room with you guys?
Oh, i sympatise u guys.

And you perverted guys! What a plan you guys have to bully the juniors.

I would definitly miss those fun. Hehehe.
But I really have some commitments here that I can’t go.
Not that I am skipping for purpose.
Oh, some of you, stop feeling jealous.
I will not forget that you guys are in Genting. And Oh, I mean kaki bukit genting.

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