well, the time has gone

Well, after months of torture and pain, I can finally say I am now on cloud nine =)
Not that I have fully let go everything, but it’s just time that I think I need to stand up again.
I may have to start the journey all over again but I think it’s worth the effort.
I don’t want to hold on to the past anymore. I think I am a happier and a more positive person if I do start anew.

Many things happened. Thats why I am feeling like i’m on cloud nine =P

I won’t talk much on how happy I am and what ahs happened but many significant things happened. I am just amazed at all the suprises people have have to me.

And to that bro of mine, thanks for everything. Seriously, without you, I wouldn’t have been this happy and glad. You guys made my day.

And to her, I have nothing to say lol.. Speechless… *****.

Love euuuu =)

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