Blogging after a week of silence.

I have learnt many things this week. Seriously.

This is gonna get me emo again but anything.

Probably I shouldn’t have take things so seriously. If I did not take things tht seriously, I might not be in such pain and in such state of anxiety. I am learning to let go at this point. I am startng to see a bigger and clearer picture if I didn’t behave this way. I wish that things were never like this. Maybe it’s time I should let go. I should carry on with my life and I think you should too. I’m never good enough for you.


On the other hand, now that both of you found a new friend. I am glad for you. I am happy for you. I am trying to see the three of you being an awesome team. We may have fought. And we have not talk for bout a year now. But I am still happy for you both. I can sincerely thank you for the moments you both gave to me. It has been great and awesome. I used to remember the time when we both would study in the library and do assignments together as a team. It is now again, a thing of the past. One of you may still be in my class, the other in the next, but I am glad you both found urself a new study partner. Maybe my replacement. I don’t know.

If I were to blame someone, I would blame Kenneth. He was such a nice friend and ended up betraying us and get us all to argue and I still believe till today that it was all a misunderstanding. Sorry for not making it up because I really don’t have the guts. I don’t know how to explain it to you. And now Kenneth is in such a good mood seing us fight. Such a hypocrite. I am not talking to him maybe for the rest of my life. Come and ask me for soalan bocor for SPM thru MSN tht day, i won’t give a damn.

All in all, you have been a great friend of mine. I am glad you found someone to replace my position. You will always be my friend always and forever. I may not talk to you but I do care for what is happening to you. Good luck in your robotics yeah, you both? =) And to Kenneth, I can care-less about you. Really.

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