Why do you see Alvin Kok blog almost everyday? The same answer goes, I tak tau =P
Probably I am too free lately. Doing nothing and contemplating about life.

I don’t have something exact I want to write today. Therefore, this post will be a random one again. Now I somehow felt the excitement of going to camp. Really. I really felt the urgency to leave Kuala Lumpur and start a new life somewhere kinda thing. Well, I am not leaving for good, but at least I am off for 4days 3nights and I hope I will enjoy it. I trust and believe that I will.

Somehow, I am still dreaming of my Aussie trip end of the year and I really really do hope things will work out. I don’t want to stay here anymore. Nothing here is worth my attention except for the memories and for some people whom I guess they will know who. I really need a break after all the years being in an education inside the box. I need to go out to get fresh air. I believed that I have a better future in Aussie. I don’t know why. But I will miss some people. Really.


Don’t ask me the question ‘What if I die?’. I am not gonna even bother contemplating about your death. I don’t want you to leave me so early. Just please don’t remind me of that. Why would you die out of nowhere anyway, rite? So, don’t pop that silly question and scare the hell out of me. But when I told you that I will cry beside you when you die and wait till you resurrect may sound like a joke but it doesn’t mean I won’t do it. I am hell serious. So, don’t even bring it up. Cause it does scare me..

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