I just felt the urgency of blogging today. I don’t know why.
Life is plain unfair, isn’t it? When you ter-do something or you did not do something wrong, you get penalised. You get the punishment for no reason.
And seriously, who would have ever thought I would get the same fate. I have yet to know the consequences that i am going to face after that incident but I do wish nothing happened. It stirred up a feeling of fear in me. I don’t know why. Probably I am too worry over my reputation or something.

I was just thinking if life was fair, it would be dull isn’t it? Well, I have an interesting and extraordinary God who created it this way. I think seeking Him in these rough times would be an ideal solution. If it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be what I am today. After a few months of bad times, things are starting to be sweeter. I mean, my life was so bitter for the past few months or should I say months of tears and depression?

I know standing firm in Him might not be easy at times. But i know I will be far worst without Him in me. His ways are often not my ways but I thank God for the choices He has given to me. I also thank God for giving me chances. I might not be here without His grace and mercy. I somehow have that grateful feeling in me today. Maybe thats why there is an urgency in blogging today.

Trying to put the past behind me and look at the future that awaits me. Tough- but I am trying. He will never forsake me or leave me. Thats for sure- i know.

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