Exams is coming to an end =)
I really can’t wait. I don’t give a damn about the Ujian Pengesanan thats coming. Really. Who the hell really cares about it anyway? Sitting for EST papers tomoro makes me feel a lil lightened after numerous miserable sciences papers that i sat for last week.
Somehow, I sense people in the society nowadays lack love. We are so busy that we tend to hate, hate and hate. Stabbing each other- a common thing in the society now. I really really thought through the other day. What true love is all about? Why people love hate more than the love love. Is it because generation changes? I really somehow, God is hinting something to me right now. Imagine when I am just about to write this post, the song ‘All For Love’ is playing on my Media Player. What a coincidence.
Love is such a beautiful thing God has place in each and everyone of us. But we tend to love the wrong things and hate the wrong things. Why so? Love is such a broad topic.
After much thinking, I sense that it is because people are forgetful. They forget about their first love with the Lord and from the Lord.
Walk around the streets, read in the papers, you hear of people get robbed, you see if people get killed. Where is the love in humans? Somehow, i feel the pinch when it came to this topic. I really do. Are their conscience that hardened? People these days can’t even seem to differentiate between right and wrong. I don’t know what is happening to our world today. People just lack love. People just forget about their first love.
On the other hand, holidays are coming. Yesssh, i will enjoy every single bit of my holiday putting aside my studies. I really need a break before i breakdown. It isn’t nice to see my breakdown because I am not a nice guy when I breakdown. And i really mean it. I need holidays, I need computer, I need videos, I need songs, and I need everything except BOOKS!
I mean, I won’t exactly not read a single bit, I might. But won’t be concentrating so much I guess.
Somehow, I told someone about all the miseries I am facing. What is all this about? That person answered me ‘This is life’. Well, I guess life is this miserable, ain’t it. Especially when you are at my age. hehe..
I don’t know if I will be blogging till I am back from camp. I will be away from 27-30th June 2007 because I will be at KLBC Youth Camp at PeaceHaven, Genting Highlands. I will try blog before I go, maybe?
Wow, so many section this time. Well, I have some things to advertise about. Here you go:
Featuring Juwita Suwito, Brian Yim, Doreen Tang
Date: 5th June 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Place: Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church


Touching Heaven Concert
Date: 9th June 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Place: Santuary of Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church
Free admission
Exclusively for youths only.
Date: 30th June 2007
Time: 6-9pm.
Place: Shalom Hall, Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church

Free admission, Freebies, Free food.

Hah. Now you know how busy KLBC can be this coming month. See ya guys =)

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