Don’t fuck with me. I have got attitude problems. I was told – in my face.

Bastards in class like you should learn to just shut up and control your toungues. You can’t blame me for raising my voice and throwing my anger at you. I am just not in the mood to hear you out. I have enough.

You can’t blame me for discriminating you guys. You just don’t have control over your mouth. Stop calling us bird shit! You started it. So, what do you blardy want, Mr Chocolate Indulgence? Are you looking for trouble? Stop messing with me. I am not in the mood this days. Go take care of your own black forests and stop disturbing me!

Just don’t fuck with me. I am not in the whole damn mood. I am just confused. Should I be selfish? Should i be selfless? Sometimes, I know I have to stand firm on my feet. I have a feeling I will soon one day erupt. Trust me.

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