promises into lies

I keep wondering why people in my life never keep their promises. The things they utter are just like words uttered by a 3 year old kid. Can someone just keep their promises for once? If you never mean what you are going to say, never say it! Sometimes, you may have say the things repeatly but do u really mean it? Giving false hopes to someone really hurts, especially you. you never bother keeping your promises and that hurts me most. Deep inside me, there are a lot of anxieties, hurts, thoughts, fears and all. This year hasn’t been all-good. Faking out my smiles and laughters all day just make me feel so tired sometimes. Thinking and going through of all that has happened, i learned a lot. Yes, the pain is still there but the amount of things i have learn through those experiences are so valuable. Nevertheless, i just wish that everything goes on well. Trying my very best to make my promises never to turn into lies…

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