tired of it

knowing well, things aren’t right. But I can’t do anything =(
it is so bothering. i feel that I am so pathetic.
at this point, i am bearing all the pain, the hurt and all.
asking myself, many times, Why?
i can never seem to answer this damn question.
is it because of me? my attitude? my reaction? my sensitivity?
i jsut felt that everything happened because of me, the one and only me.
i don’t seem to be able to help in anything but to jsut give more heartaches to people.
feeling lethargic with everything that is happening. really.
feel like just giving up everything and do a runaway or something.
it’s just tough. never easy.

FORM 5, the miserable year is beginning to get worst.
things never gets right.
everything that i hoped for or dream or even prayed for will never come through.
is it jsut with me? why me?
it’s tough. don’t like to blame anyone but is it my fault on the other hand?
i really want to know.
can someone please tell me?

and now, something else next.
i know my blogs are desribing nothing that ur gonna understand. but i’ll just go on.
i just can’t let go the memories, the joy, and everything i have build up with you.
i know i am feeling selfsih or greedy. whatever u wish to say, but it just hurts for those things you have said to me.

feeling tired of all these things. really i am tireddddd…
still trying, pushing myself through, the bleakest and the darkest times in my life.
why why and why? i just don’t know.. really i don’t..

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