When I feel that there is no one who cares for me, I always felt more of God’s presence in my life. Yeah, I may be depressed when I am lonely and there is no one there for me. But for that period of time, I learn to depend on God. Not that I am saying I am always lonely, but at times even if there is friends around, I don’t feel like talking to them. Whilst not wanting to talk to them maybe my fault, but probably is the time where God wants me to understand something. I do know I lack trust at times but His love, grace and mercy always carries me through. He is just amazing. As I grew older, I start to feel the more of His presence in my life. You may think this is no true story but I can testify it is true.

In times of help and my loneliness, God always send me friends. It is just that particular right time, where the people will just sms me unexpectedly. Isn’t He amazing?

Today was my Physics and Chemistry paper. A certified-death paper, I call it. Before exams, I go into the hall telling myself and reminding myself with the song God Will Make A Way. Indeed, he made a way for my Physics paper. I felt that someone was writing answers for me. Not so for my Chemistry paper. Although I trusted He will do miracles, but my Chemistry paper was so easy. For the first time, I left answers blank. I used do use a M-16 and shoot all the don’t know questions, but I didn’t for Chemistry because Chemistry equations can’t just be tembak-ed. I don’t want to feel stupid when teacher return my paper. I rather have it blank. Poor me…

Tomorrow is my Add Maths paper, it’s a nightmare! I think I definitely can’t sleep tonight. Sigh.. I am just worry I will flunk the paper! Will I? I have got to wait till tomorrow comes…

Till then, sigh..

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