fridays? blues? moods?

IT’S FINALLY THE WEEKEND. I mean everyday I anticipate for the arrival Friday. I just love Friday and I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday, when I get to meet up with people whom I really feel like meeting up with. It feels great when it is Friday. When it is Friday’s I have this enthusiasm in doing anything and everything, because it is just so close to the weekends.

I do admit I have Monday blues. I do!! You can see the moody Alvin walking around like a zombie in a bad mood in school. Everything just doesn’t make sense on Monday. =(

Not to be ashamed to tell that I have mood swings as well. I can really be in a bad mood when something bad just happens. My face will be as black as charcoal. And chatting with me on MSN will get stupid response, just like when you’re chatting with ghosts. I know it may be weird but yeah, so what? I can be really be irritated and agitated at times till I don’t bother looking at my phone. Those who know me well will know that, phone is part of my life. And it’s kinda hard to see me not with my phone. But at times, I just don’t feel like answering any phone calls and replying any of the messages. I can be that annoyed. Try me if you don’t believe. And I do hate it when people who are suppose to reply messages; don’t reply out of a sudden. Yeah, you know who you are. I don’t exactly hate it but I just find it a bit too much. I am bothered by it. Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair for me to reply you straight away and you, not to even bother or take your own sweet time to reply? Yeah, but to some extent, I don’t really mind. Not trying to make anyone feel guilty here but just a piece of my mind. But it is nothing lah, actually… Probably I am just a bit over sensitive at times.

I do feel that as I grow older, I began to be over-sensitive. And when I am over-sensitive, I tend to over-react. I just have no idea what on mother earth is wrong but it is probably just part of growing up, I guess… I don’t wish to feel like that but sometimes it just pops up. Not that I can stop my mind from excessive thinking or something. Haha

Okay, enough of some nuisance thoughts from me. Please understand that the writer is sitting for his exams. Therefore, it is the tense and pressure that has cause him to spill his evil thoughts in this blog of his. =)

Good day, people!

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