mentalities and sickos

Sometimes I just feel miserably annoyed. I don’t wanna elaborate on it. People involve should know who they are.

All I can say is that some people’s mentality suck, especially that pure Chinese mentality. I am not being a hypocrite here trying to criticize my own race or anything. But I would just like to make some damn remarks here: SOME Chinese really have their own thinking that is so so so so so wrong! I just couldn’t emphasize any much further, but yea- their thinking is so bad. When thinking is bad, actions is equally bad. Words they use penetrates right deep into your heart. It is really painful at times. But I just kept quiet to avoid any hell of problems that will continue. They also have this mentality of not forgetting. I mean, yea, problems to pop up but they just won’t stop whining about it! I am not being ironic but it is just so true. I just don’t wanna talk any longer on it And I repeat, I am not criticizing my own race or anything. This is just true! Notice around and you’ll see…

I am miserably annoyed not only because of the above- there are many factors related to it. Chinese mentality is just one of them.

Chinese being Chinese, maybe- the kiasu attitude, the wanting to win attitudes…

Total rubbish I find it.

Okay, yeah.. I hate exams since God-knows-when. It is total nightmare. Yeah, I may be the few best in the class… But it is USED TO BE. I am no more one of the few best. Probably my feelings of giving up everytime I open my books. I feel helpless and I would just stare at the books like I am learning something. I don’t have anymore of those enthusiasms I used to have in studying since some time ago. It is obvious that I couldn’t care when my friends come and ask me ‘How is exams?’, ‘Oh, what a result’, ‘Haha, Alvin is lower than me’. Yeah, so what? I am lower! I am more terrible! Any other words you want me to add. You guys beat me, so? Happy izit? You think I really give a damn about it? I don’t. I used to when I was in Form 3, but no more! Even the stupidest boy could probably be smarter than me…. Ah, like I said- Who cares? I don’t have the kiasu attitude! Furthermore, I study for knowledge! Since when have I ever study for exams? Never in my life- I tell you!

I am just not into that good mood nowadays. Thanks to that particular some people. If you people reads this and suddenly felt a pinch in yourself. Yeah, that’s you! YOU! You made my life miserable. Either you come and apologize for all that you have done or you can just shut up and let me dislike you forever! Too bad…. No other remedy!

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