For the past few days, I’ve been having this crazy, stupid headache, with added frusts and miseries. Life has not been treating me good…

Many who know me well, knows that I am always aiming to be the best, aiming to be excellence, and here I repeat, excellence! Not perfection!
But at times, aiming for the best makes myself a better person and make situation far worst. I’ve never expected something this bad can happen- the fights, the arguments has constantly been annoying and irritating me. With just the one word- NO! -can cause such things to happen. The questions of am I in the wrong, what have I done wrong, what have I said are left unanswered.

Through the many grueling years I’ve been through, Form 4 seems to be the worst. I have not answer to it but everything just doesn’t go smooth. Everything I hope for or dream for are scattered, most of them laa… I don’t mind if it is scattered, but my concern is that I wanna know what is the reason? I am left blur when it comes to the question, Why is my life so miserable this year? Seriously, my brain is as clean as a white piece of blank paper when I am to answer myself! At times, I reflect on the many things I’ve done, I know I’ve not done enough, but I have tried… Have I tried too hard? I have got no idea at all…

Having constant disturbing questions like this makes me go cranky…
How and how and how am I supposed to help myself…. I am always left unanswered!

But one thing for sure: having the love of friends and family and GOD, makes me go through my hours faster and easier. Seriously, they have made a great impact on my life. They are never forgotten.

And most of all:
I am accepted
I am anointed
I am adopted
I am blessed
I am born again
I am bold
I am blameless
I am changed
I am commissioned
I am a conqueror
I am called
I am a son of God
I am chosen
I am capable
I am crucified
I am delivered
I am dead to sin
I have eternal life
I am complete
I am clean
I have faith
I am forgiven
I am free
I am free from sin
I have foundation
I have glory
I am glad
I have grace
I am holy
I am God workmanship
I am an heir
I am healed
I have inheritance
I have joy
I am kept
I have life
I am loved
I have liberty
I am like Christ
I am a new creation
I am justified
I am part of Christ body
I have peaceI have power
I am quickened
I am a royal priest
I am redeemed
I am righteous
I have a sound mind
I am strong
I am sanctified
I am seated with Christ
I am triumphant
I have wisdom
I am victorious
This is who I am in Christ and forever!!

Indeed it is really really true. GOD has proven himself faithful and true..

For the past few weeks, the song ‘Jesus Shall Take The Highest Honor’ really touch me.

The lyrics of the chorus which reads:
For all honor, and blessing and power,
Belongs to You, belongs to You,
All honor and blessing, and power,
Belongs to You, belongs to You,
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God

Indeed, all honour blessing and power belongs to Him, for He is great..
I’ve got no idea why it really touches my heart, but I think it is because I know God is working in and through me, and he is assuring me that For All I’ve Done, all honor, blessings and power belongs to Him… He is indeed amazing! =P

To my dearest *HER*,
I would like to just thank ya for being my pillar of hope and strength,
You have been great…
Making the deal of putting Him first instead of our relationship makes our relationship blooms faster and better. Knowing well that He is great and he is the author and perfection of our faith makes us feel secured..
Love you for all that you are and all that you have been!

By the way, eh I wantttt more sandwich, although I know I am getting fat, but it’s all your fault… =PPP
Sandwich sandwich sandwich sandwich…..
And the way you asked me to eat the sandwich was hilarious,
Love ya to bits! =P

All honor, and blessing and power belongs to HIM,

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