In just a blink of my eye,
The clock ticks,
And everything changes,
From the good moment to the most furious moment of the year 2006,

I might have just said in my previous blog that life has been treating me good, and in a blink of my eye, everything can go wrong… Making my life miserable and torturous…

There may be a saying or a proverb which says that adults know more than you(the younger people). To make some sense, sometimes it can be really true as they have gone through so much in their life. But to certain extent, they might also be the one that makes the most mistakes… No one wants a bad history to repeat itself!
The adults are the one who really got me on my nerves the pas few days!
For example, during the worship team outing. Everything went so smoothly and it was really fun but in just a few seconds, everything changes…
They (the adults) think that they are so great, so pro and most of all, they think that they are right…

We had a discussion about the worship team and they brought up a lot of pointers- which I personally thought it was great!

The part when I was furious was when everything they goes wrong in the worship team- lack of people, not enough potential etc etc they WOULD PUT THE BLAME ON THE YOUTHS! As one of the leaders of ROCK, I would obviously have to defend ROCK! I, me, myself knows so well that now, ROCKers’, are serving in many ministries already!
For example, me and Su May serve almost 3-4weeks in a month while they only serve for just once a week! So, what is with the youths? Me and Su May have been occupied serving in the Hartamas Centre and First Service when they only serve in the 2nd service… SO, ain’t I right to say that we are doing more than what they are doing? I am not trying to say that we are great and we are doing more. My point here is that the youths are gonna be exhausted one day, if they continue to serve in the way they are serving now! All of us have to go through a cycle- which is to receive and to give! We receive from ROCK, and we give it out when we serve. The fact that some of us are only giving and not receiving! My point is that they themselves needs growth, they can just be burned out one day if they were to continue giving and giving without even receiving.

I don’t expect all the adults to serve every week, but at least I know the youths are doing their part. So, why blame the youths? The weaker group? NO!

When I said a firm NO in the discussion, they thought I was defensive over ROCK, and to them, everything is a NO to me. That’s not my point. If we still serve, it means basically I am full all 4 weeks, so, now how? Erm, serve 2-3 times in the 4 weeks. Ain’t I gonna be dead real soon, if I really do that? I am already being juggled every week into different places, so, what do they expect me or the youths to do? They just aren’t understanding! Can’t they just even volunteer themselves to serve more in a month? Can’t they avail themselves to give training (For your info, youths give training to the younger group), can’t they just get out of their comfort zone and work with some other people? Can they? NO!
The youths may be easier in mingling with anybody and everybody, but that’s not the way! It has to be fair..
At times, I pity Ashley! She just aren’t in control with this old folks! They think that they are always right! Oh please, even the arrangement of the band in the new building, the brand of the instruments, the rehearsal place also they have to argue… What more you want me to say!

In short, I just can’t help but to defend the youths and the ROCKers. No more misusing us… more than enough!

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