a tribute to my friends

Well, life has been treating me great the past few days or even weeks…
The way everything is going, I am so thankful for the people who have always been standing beside me, supporting and guiding me through my torturous life at times… =P
I would therefore like to thank each and everyone of you guys.. You guys have been great! At times, life can be meaningless, but with you guys, many of you have lighted up my dull life! And definitely I can’t buy each and everyone of you stuffs, but erm, for this time, I have decided to use 1-2 blog posts as my tribute to you guys for always standing right next to me always… You guys have been outstanding, and I have just nothing much to say except to thank God for sending you people to my life…
This would definitely be a long list of my tribute to you people but I think you guys deserve my time to write everything down… (Do read everything if you have the time!)

My Drama Team Members (all 14 of you): I know it may be hard working with me for the 2 months or so, but I definitely have seen much of you people and I enjoy all the time we spent together… The tears, the joy, and etc etc etc have been great. We might not have made it true but in our hearts, we know we have done our very best, and we successfully made teacher cry!!! *winks* I know we might not have made it, but we know we are the best and I seriously just like the bunch of people that you are. Quoting from James: I hate you, please forgive me! –was a great joke but well, we know we are always there for each other, ryte?

Going down to my class:

THONG LEONG: Yeah, you are first on the list, as you are the one who bugs me, and gets me on my nerve most of the time. But you are definitely a great friend of mine.. Haha, going to toilet and strolling around the corridors, our hobbies are seriously great hobbies =P

ENG CHAH: He may not talk much, but he is brilliant… He is just someone who thinks a lot instead of talking.. Sitting next to you have been a great experience…

KHOLID: Being the teacher’s pet made you look great at times, haha, but I know you are seriously trying you best in your studies… even the ghosts can see that! But, don’t try to hard laa, make me sooo stupid now…. Haha, by the way, Dayang sucks! Wakaka *evil laughs*

BOON JIM: The frigid of 4/O! lol, I bet you finally know the meaning after calling you frigid sooo many times!

SOH: Haha, a very good buddy in class… You rock man… Haha, you are such a joker laaaaa… Yeah, Kabujiro is a great friend…. Lol

KIANG and JUN YANG: The two small kids of 4/O, the jokers, the one who makes dirty jokes in class. The pornologist lecturer! Well, you make me laugh my ass off most of the time…

BRYAN and CHIU: Haha, the 2 fellas that sits behind me!!!! Don’t la always try to imitate me, but it’s always nice talking to you both…

FELIX: Me, Chiu and Bryan teaching him how to date has been fabulous! You try lah, dun be so kayu…. Like what we always call you, hahaaaa…

SHAUN: He can study sooo hard and yet can get worst results than me, when I don’t study.. I pity him at times… He has try his so very best and he still don’t make it… I am not bragging but he is just working real hard but the results are not coming out… I don’t know how to really help you, but continue and keep up the good work…

MUN WAI and THIAGU: The 2 fellas sitting behind of the class.. Crazy jokers especially Thiagu… Mun Wai, you’re so meaaan to Shaun at times =pp

TABUH: I am speechless but disturbing and annoying you in class have been really really fun! =pp (For your info, I disturb Tabuh in class and will always gets him to trouble! And will push him to the teachers at all times! Notti, ain’t i?)

Moving on…

CLAIRE: You have been great great great… I think greater than anyone in the whole list here *winks* I just love ya for all the care that you have given to meeee, Haha, and what is wrong with six sense? I wannnnna know!!! Just wanna say that you have been great, being my source of strength at times, and my motivator, I just think that you deserve more than this crazy lil portion of blog for you… Hmph, will get ya something real soon… I like your gift =p! Love ya, miss ya and take care lots! =p will always remember, gajah buaya biri-biri prawnyyyy

KEVIN WONG: Hmph, the brother of Wong Mei Yi, can never stop ejek-ing me everytime he sees me… Haha, not so lar, nowadays… Erm, he ahs been great…. Haha, u just can’t stop playing your wife (piano)….! It’s a great blessing being able to serve in the worship ministry

BEN LEON: The fact that I know he is gonna reads this… So, am not gonna write too good bout him cause he is really a great brooooooo…. =P He is always there when I am mad and crazy! Just love him to bits laaah, to keep the story short…. Owh yea, I like buaya =PP

SU CHEN: The fact that she is always bored, I have got no idea why, but she is laaaarr… But well, she is a fun girl to chat with laaaaaaaaa….. Erm, her complaints to me about her being bored is weird and funny at times… lol.. And I personally thinks there is moe to come!

RICHARD: Owes me CHILISSSS….! Haha, just stay cool lah u… Alamak, u going to NZ pulak….. sad sad sad!

Bing Ern, Jonathan Phua, Kevin(again?), Caleb Y, Caleb C, Nicholas, Edmund: My grew up friends! They are the best people in my life as well, growing with them and seeing them grow have been great. It’s still on the skin of my head on the experiences that we went through, Especially those fun times we had – going to Genting, A’Famose etc etc has been great.. Fighting and quarrelling with each other has been an experience too… No matter what, you people are gonna be remembered. As we are all about to leave high school, this relationship will not just end here, but it will go further, I trust and pray!

MUN FAI: Erm he is a crazy fella to mix with… Beware of him…Haha

JACK KEE: the betrayer, nothing much about him, but well his rudeness gets me on my nerves at times… really! But he is quite an okay person

JUSTIN: Wow, being with you in the same class since std 1 till form 3 has been an amazing experience.. Knowing all your style and attitude has been great… It’s sad we are not in the same class in Form 4, but heh, I still meet you… So, what? Lol

JUN LIN: This smart ass here is really great! He can be a good and caring friend! We bully each other to the ends of the earth and always be friends again, isn’t that amazing?

YAP: Erm, hey fatty bom bom…. Jangan curi makan jagung.. lol =p erm, he is just so dedicated to his work that sometimes I admire him! He really shows much effort and initiative in his work… I need to learn from you laaaarr!

CHIK: chick chick chick chick chicky.. I am sure you kow how the tune go, if you read this! Haha, leaving SJI suprises all of us early of the year, but well, we all head for different directions and unfortunately, you ended up in SAB!

HARITH: Doing and going through many things with you have been really fun. Thank you for often sacrificing on behalf of me.. I appreciate lots…

IZZAT: Seeing you day in and out from the primary school makes me know you better as a person.. You are growing for sure…! Keep it up dude!

ONG: You are just so smart in you studiees… Keep teaching me Maths laaaa…. By the way, I am seriously worried about you now, how are you? Still terrified over the incident of being bash up this morning? No worries, take care always.. Will always be here to support you!

REFFAI: You know I have prejudice against you.. It’s really really obvious at times, it is always because of your mouth that I ignore you most of the time.. Sorry, but this are facts dude! But you are still my friend!

AVEENASH: I can never miss Aveenash, the joker who always gets me in trouble, and him being a natural joker is seriously in born… I think you need some brainwash la! Study hard yea?

EUGENE and EVAN: My 2 God brothers! Great people! Catch up with ya real soooon!

Here we go, the ROCKers!

JONO: The one in a million president of ROCK! Erm, thanks for always fetching me home =ppp Ad showing you servanthood makes me admires ya!

SZE XIAN: The one who always call me her younger brother, erm who cares and loves me! Miss ya always although you are in Canada! Come back quickkkk!

ESTHER: Erm, the girl who has great faith amazes me… Trusting Him day by day may not be easy but you have shown me that it works! You are seriously going to Aussie? Dun go laaaarrr…

ASHLEY: The woman with great voice! She has teaches me a lot of stuffs especially in worship…. Great woman of God! Keep it up!

GRACE and JESSIE: The 2 so-poh, I always call… cuz they are really crazy! But they are 2 smart people and they can be as fierce as tiger at times!

JOSEPH and JENNIFER: Great people I would say, always rise up to challenges and knows what they are doing… Jennifer, we miss you back here in Malaysia!

SHIREEN: Erm, my follow-up department head! Doing her best in everything is just great!!

GRACE CHAY: Hmph, working with her in the follow-up department and the camp committee has really been an eye opener! She really takes initiative in her work! Going the extra mile has really shown me much leadership skills in her! She is a great woman of God though…

SHARON CHAY: POggggggieeeeeE, unlike her sister! Haha, joking… Erm, she is just great lah, dunno what else to describe her adey…. =PPP sorry lorrr

YEEVON: Wow, always screams at people! She is like the mastermind behind most of the games…. She can really think of ways to torture people! Hmph, is it good or bad?

PAULINE: I dunno what to say.. speechless

ELAINE: Erm, she is like a princess lol…. She ahs many peminats and welll……..

ALENA, SHER LEEN, JIA HUEI, MICHELLE: Erm, the girly gang, a faithful comer of ROCK! Keep it up! Thanks for supporting me when I lead worship as well! =p

SU MAY: Mayyyyyyyyy, the girl that always support me in whatever do! I know she is always praying for me! She even prays for me when I am leading worship.. How cool is that? *hugs*

CHOON KIT: Now I officially put you under the ROCKer list adey… So, you better come more often yeah?

JIUN KEI: Erm, Jiun Kei has always been follow-up by me! He is secretive at times but a great guy laaaaaa… =pp

ALESA: A great servant of God! Well done!!

That’s all for now, look out for my next post! See ya people! You guys have been awesome!

Life blessed by you,

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