Weeewoooww. Even i am left wondering where all my blogging juices have leaked to.

I cant remember the last time i had to commentate on my-life-so-far kinda posts. For all i know its been really long since i had the urge to write about my daily perks. Alfresco style. So right now let me try to dish out what’s skimming on the top of my head.

Wow, life is never really fair, huh…
Everyone have 5 fingers but each has different sizes and length
Everyone who breathe are humans, but a human can have so many characteristics
Life is never fair, everyone have their own style.
For me, ‘i’m style without substance and substance without style. absurd to me is an understatement. ‘
Well, everyone is different, I can give it a yes while others can give a big no.
In this journey of my wonderful life, i noticed everyone is different.
Why? Have anyone ever wondered why life is preety unfair?
Or can anyone tell me what if everyone is the same…
Wouldn’t our life be bored? dull?
I have thought just about it the past few days, on why have i gotta do this, or why have i gotta do that while this person don’t have to.
And the answer is as simple as- Everyone have their different abilities and life is never fair. God created us in such to be different and that we may shine the way we are and I am glad for who I am!
God has richly blessed me with good friends, stuff i like, good family etc etc…
And I do admit that I just forgot to count my blessings at times.
I can go on and on with the things He has blessed me and I am seriously thankful for it…
Therefore, life might not be really fair, but for me, as long as you know yourself, know your stand, know you environment, it is more than enough…
Your journey can be extremely interesting…
And do remembet that life is a journey and there is never an ending(and i don’t believe in taking away your own life).
So, there is never an ending till your work on earth is done.
And by that time, everything under the sun is meaningless-include money, clothes, possesions etc etc….

Blur image: Cameraman unprofessionalWell, Jenn have been away for some time now and I or we kinda missing her…She is just awesome… We can feel her presence when she is always in ROCK,and i wish her all the best in Australia and that this 2 years will get over soon….To be continued…

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