Life have been busy lately with many things going on at the same time..
I am not gonna blog n everything to maintain the quality of the site…

4O created a official class song which is lame…

Copyrighted by 4O
Words and Music by Alvin Kok and New Thong Leong

Chorus: 4O is notorious (really notorious)
Geniuses, retards, you name it
We are the best batch (so called)
We are all junks

VI Boon Jim is a frigid
Hana is so malas
Thiagu the black face one
Mun Wai the nerdy one

V2 Felix the crazy one
Kholid the annoying one
Jun Yang the horny one
Bryan the quiet one

V3 Eng Chah the supplier
Lai the liar
Aiman the Hong-kee
Aidid the absent one

V4 Soh likes to interact
Hakim the PJ-ing one
Kiang the small small kid
Raj the naughty one

V5 Danial the mag mag mag
Qi Kit the lazy one
Davis the kendo-forever
Thong Leong the cocky one

V6 Yin Tai the specky one
Christopher the racial one
Chern Min the mute one
Tharmaraj the one with brains

Bridge Here we gooooo…….. Let’s go…….
And Saravanan says…
(go to V7 & V8 & V9)

V7 Norra the effective one
Jane the ‘Her way’ sucks
Norbani the bunny styles
Leow the naggy mum

V8 Rismawati the pregnant b*tch
TMF the slow aunty aunty
Mahzabeen the super power
Vijaya the short and fat

V9 Tan the 40-year old virgin
Arnie the sophisticated-ly cool
Ustaz the interesting one
Jesu the ‘don’t give a damn one’

Well, i guess it’s a cool one…ahahha and it is lame!
Life has been busy and just okay…
Nothing big deal really happened though…
I am still okay with everything..
And i have changed my handphone, after less than 6 months of using the old phone…

I just don’t know why but my mind will always go blank when I can open blogger….. sighhh

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