Wow, tody was just an okay-day for me…
I got y EST paper and I am still unhappy over the marks, although I got an A1. I am not bragging but I am serious..
All I got was 85, and mosly other students got 80 and above. So, it doesn’t show that I shine in this subject as I used toshine in my languages and EST paper. Argh, languages is my cup of tea where I usually dominate in class. But I seriously don’t know the overall marks for my Englsih and BM yet…

School is the usual boring routine. Assembly finished at the normal time although Mr Peter Yii isnt here. Thanks to Dr Puva.

Chemistry was rather fun today. We studied in class instead of the lab! Teacher taught us the way we could understand and I enjoyed it! It wasn’t bored at all, maybe cuz today teacher is feeling good about something. Maths class was the normal fierce class but of course we understand lah! Add Maths class is rather boring, I hate her classes. Seriously, she teaches and I can understand 0 things. Physics is worst! I hate her class. It’s so boring and I don’t understand what the heck she is teaching at all. I am so gonna write a complain letter on behalf of the class and complain bout her! I don’t care anymore… WHo the hecks care about her and her baby? I seriously don’t. She doesnt deserve any care from any of the students. She just sucks. EST class was just the usual, where the teacher ask and she answer herself.LOL

I guess thats all for today… ciao

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