back from LTC

Yeah, i am back from LTC, LEADERSHIP TRAINING COURSE FOR COUNCILLOR PREFECTS 2006 held at Pantai Indah Seaview Resort, Klang

It has been a great esposure and a good experience joining this wonderful camp. Getting to know each other closer it’s something cool… I do personally enjoy the camp althought it is a bit tiring!

Life is full of choices and I am proud to say that i have made a right choice not to attend the other Negeri Sembilan Leadership Camp although teacher did ask me to go! Thank God that I manage to make the right choice and at the right time. In life, i find that choices are important. The choices we make can not only affect us but our surrounding people. I always learn to think twice before making a desicion, as it is vital in my life as a young teenager. I do face challenges, and challenges surround me are temptations at times. temptations can be terrible, it can lure you into something and create a big fuss out of it. I have no explanation as to why life is like that and why tempatations occur or even why challenges arise. All I know is, to give my best shot in whatever I do and to always be the best. Argh, enough of lecturing my self and mem-bore-kan people with my philosophies.

Is life really short? Yes, it is.. No matter what, one can’t deny that life is short although most of the time, my 24hours are like a hundred years to me. But it is cool at times to know that I have so much time to complete my work. My assignments, projects are piling up. I have no idea on what to do and how to do because I have been dreaming in class for many months. I am in a world of my own, thinking of things of my own, feeling the moods of my own and enjoying life like nothing have ever happen?

Yes, exams is up next next week and I am not prepared. Exams to me is nothing nowadays. To the maximum, all i do is just to read a line or 2 before i enter the exams hall. And i do know, most of the time, failure is in my hands. Why? Because I did not prepare! Why do I know it and yet I am not doing it? It’s because i just don’t feel like it..

And i am proud to tell many of you that I am going for ROCK Camp 2006 this year. Isn’t it cool? But yes, I am not going all 4days and 3 nights. I will be going down to Broga on Monday evening and be with them till they return. Although, I may not be a key person there or I may not be incharging of anything, I am happy that I am able to go and enjoy myself (Again?) in this short time with the ROCkers and many other friends around.

LTC? I’ve learn many many things from this years’ LTC. It’s interesting to see how prefects behave outside of school and inside of school. It’s different. And you can see many characters of each other. And i find it really cool. This makes us united as a team. This years theme is ‘Breaking the barriers, I believe in you’. The theme song is I Believe In You by Celine Dion and IL DIVO. Overall, I had fun and i think i am going to miss those funny funny things we did in the camp.

Next up, I’ve watch POSEIDON… it’s kinda a good show but not real enough. Fake to some extent. But I just can’t resist myself but to tell you guys that I LIKE THE THEME SONG real much…

American Idol winner? Taylor Hicks? argh…. Nevermind, Katharine will do better that him in the future.

If you guys didn’t know, I had Prefect Gathering last Saturday.. We had 2 schools end up coming, which was SBU and CBN and i hereby would like to say that MGS and MBS did not turn up because of some lame reasons that no one in this world can accept their reasons….

Long blog huh?? More to come… Many things happen in my life in just a glimpse of an eye…

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