Well, in just a glimpse of an eye- May 3rd, Drama Competition is over

Here is a summary on the recent-ended Drama Competition…

It is definitly something to be proud of. A team consist of 15 members went proudly to SMK Convent Bukit Nanas on May 3rd at 8am singing Onward St John’s. A team that went there with a hope of getting into the finals and to defend the title as KL Champions. Indeed, all schools saw us and were terrified. Just like what Ms Ellina said during our visit for the first 4 person to CBN, ‘All schools look as you as winners. It’s just 4 of you! What if 15? Many teachers said looking at the 4 students, they are going to be champions again’. Indeed, the whole of KL is looking highly on us for this annual competition.

The first school to perform was the hosting school, SMK Convent Bukit Nanas. CBN did a drama about a coffee shop. The drama was titled- ‘Coffee, Tea or Mee’. It was like a kopitiam story that revolves about this son who came back not recognising the family, but only recognise the family’s property. The story ended when the son realises that he was all wrong! It was a comedy like play but unfortunately, it went over the time limit of 20minutes. Being the hosting school, the timekeeper was them themself. Therefore, CBN was safe with a preformance of 21 minutes. Their voice projection was indeed terrible. I was sitting in the 5th row and I could barely hear a word utter by any of the actors.

We were the 11th school to perform. Because we were the 2nd last schools, many CBNers’ which were audience were like asking ‘Mana St.John’s?’, ‘Is St.John’s in the competition?’, ‘Did they pull out?’. With this responses, indeed, everyone is expecting a bang from us!

We went out when school no 9th perform to get ourself changed and be into the character. Before we enter, we had a one-minute silence and teacher came in and told us ‘With the dramas inside, you have hope. Only CBN and Wangsa Melawati were not bad, but you can be better. It is us that can only take the title away from them‘, teacher gave us extra confidence as we are about to enter.

It was later our turn, when they announced, School No 11- Wish You Were Here…., which was our drama title. We set up the stage professionaly and we amazed the CBN prefects behind, for sure! They were like, ‘Oh it’s St.John’s’. It was like a once- in-a-lifetime thingy that they MUST SEE. The fact was, the stage was full with prefects and we didnt even have the space to put our props. There were about 15prefects there. And i have no idea, what they were doing.

The curtain opens…. Our story is this…
This drama revolves around a young boy, Rahim, who is neglected by his busy father Osman. Rahim tries to cope with his loneliness by talking to his ‘uncle’. As time goes by, Rahim feels that his life gets from bad to worse. Ironically, it is made even worse when his father asks a favour of him. The favour was to deliver a package to a drug dealer. Rahim was so stressed by the pressure and lack of love that he even got into trouble in school with teachers for not completing his homework. Eventually, Rahim realizes that he has been a bad boy and wants to change his path to lead a better life. So, he decides not to deliver the package. For that, his father gets caught and is held hostage at a warehouse by the drug dealer. When the father and son was trying to run away, the henchman shoot on the dad’s leg. But because of the father’s love and conscience, he just save his son. Rahim was so terrified and all he tought was just to give a call to the ‘uncle’. But when he calls that ‘uncle’, the father’s handphone ring. It shocked himself and he couldn’t believe for himself that all the ‘uncle’ was an imagination. It is a drama that portrays what the lack of a father’s love could do to his son.

It was a thought-provoking drama and to encourage thinking skills. CBN and SBS girls were shedding tears at the ending of our play. I was amazed how we manage to bring it to such a ‘high’ momentum. We got a standing ovation from the audience but some of the CBN girls were like ‘Apa ni?’, ‘What ayah? What uncle? tak faham lah’. They were indeed thinking. SO, we achieve what we wanted-thought provoking!

As I was walking our from the hall, SBS girls that walk pass me, commented ‘Sekolah you terel drama, huh?’ I was like ‘Owh, thank you!’. I was indeed happy for all that happen on stage. Nothing screwed up!

The school after us, we did a comedy on LOST fall flat as we ended the momentum to high. Well, our fault!

The jufges went to the meeting session to decide the finalist for about 2hours. Imagine, it’s 2hours, 120minutes….
All schools were saying… it’s either’Wangsa Melawati and St.John’s or ‘CBN and St.John’s’. But St.John’s name was well assured to be in the finals. I expected Wangsa Melawati to be in the finals with us as they were to our standard.

To my amazement, they announced ‘Wangsa Melawati and SMK Convent Bukit Nanas’ as the finalist. I was SHOCKED! What? Anything wrong? Anyone changed the results? All schools were boo-ing CBN as the finalists. Teachers of Datuk Lokman and students of SBS especially, send us their condolences. They acknowledge we were good! CBN audiences also came and acknowledge us. It was clear we were the sole winner in the eyes of the audience. But, I guess it was just pure luck.

Well, to cut the long story short, Wangsa Melawati got champions this year, Victoria Institution got 2nd while CBN got 3rd. Most of the finalist were rubbish, especially Air Panas, Convent Sentul and Methodist Girls School. We would have at least got 2nd if we were there.

I supported Victoria Institution for the finals. But I guess they were good but i was kinda a bit disspaointed. I expected more from them. But they were good! It’s the first few times, i support VI perhaps…

Pn Elizabeth and many of our teachers said, ‘It’s okay, we will definitly do a big come-back next year. I assure you of this. We will go to the furthest…’

Teacher said, indeed, our zone is a tough zone and we can’t do anything

For this, this recently-concluded Inter-School English Language Drama Competition wasn’t a big achievement at all because they weren’t good. Not exactly all, weren’t good, but MOST OF IT!

Nothing is fair in this world… This really gets me frustrated and pissed off! I definitly wanna see a come-back for St.John’s next year. There goes our 2nights stay in Selangor and Malacca…

And by the way, the best actress from CBN did acknowledge Kevin as a better actor…
Well, it’s pure luck….

I really thank God for this oppurtunity to serve the school and the drama team as the Manager and also, sort off Director for this year’s drama. Although we did not win, we did not lose neither…


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