A tiring day!

What a day i had today. I am extremely exhausted after a day of workshop and rehearsal for Worship. It’s preety tiring. I was back at 7.

I am looking at things positively and everything has been good at the moment. I know what I am doing and I am starting to enjoy it. I am getting the hang of being a Form 4 student. As usual, trying is the best solution for me at the moment! I don’t see a bright future for me in science stream but I went to science stream because of some personal reasons. Yes, science is tough but I am hoping to be able to get the hang of it as soon as possible.

I hope to be able to do a longer blog in the future and blog more often to keep this site as active as possible.

As for drama, I am really busy with it. Practices is almost everyday and my time table is so hectic. I have to write letters and plan script and practices so on and so forth. I am hoping for the best for this years’ competition. We hope to be able to enter finals, go Selangor and Malacca, if it’s God’s will for us. Obviously, with mens strength, nothing is possible…… But with HIM, everything will turn out well. I am praying really hard for it.

Will be back with another blog asap… Tata..

See yaz/.. Love ya!

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