I’ve just learned something new in this life long jouney of mine: Giving Our Best doesnt mean Getting The Best!!!
I mean this is a truth!!! I might have really work hard but working hard doesnt guranttee i’ll get what i want, what i dream and what i wish!!!!
Isn’t it kinda foolish? Doing something that the result is not assured!! I guess this is life!!
I just sometimes feel bored with the situation and things i am facing!!!
I am seriously foolish, faithless and speechless!!
I don’t know what I need to do, and what I have to do!!
If anyone ever read the poem if, i just think i’ll never be able to achieve the standard!!
Not achieving the standard, does that mean I am not a perfect man??
Yeah, admitting I am not a perfect man because no one is perfect..
Isn’t this real life that I am facing??
I am just getting really mad at things sometimes….
Things just doesnt go my way and the way I always wanted it to be!!

‘This life is just miserable…I am gonna live this life aimlessly’my_alvin

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