How I Wish…

Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow

These are the words thats always playing in my mind…..
When will it be Saturday or even Sunday?

How I Wish…

*I can score and 1A without studying
*someone to finish my homework for me
*someone who can teach me patiently without nagging, scolding and forcing
*someone who cares for me
*someone to share my joy, happiness, grief and pain
*i could take a break from school
*i could be back at Aussie
*i can go for a holiday
*i can be All By Myself
*i can have an ATM Machine where i can get money everyday
*i can use my handphone without paying bills
*i can don’t sit for SPM
*teachers are more loving
*classmates are more caring
*parents are more understanding
*i can have more freedom
*i am born more creative
*my Internet connection is faster that the ordinary speed
*school don’t exist in this world
*i have good memory
*i can overcome my shortcomings
*i can predict the future
*i can be a Better Man!
*i can take whatever i like from the shopping mall without paying

Plenty of wishes but everything looks impossible!
But with GOD all things are possible!!
All i need is someone to open my eyes, open my ears to see what is laid out for me and to get the Big Picture in this life of mine!

School is ordinary!!! Bored Bored Bored!!!
Really wish we don’t just sit and learn but to go for excursion do projects and to explore new things!
Look, it’s a wish again!!

Anyway, gotta go!

See ya guys!


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