What i need is mutual understanding!!
Life has not been as easy as many of you might as thought!!

People is having high expections on me, and high expectations is equals to preesure and preesure bring stress!

In this life where everyone does their own things and no one cares for one another is terribly annoying and irritating!
Exams is coming up but i just dont feel like studying! My mood is going high up and low down!
My brains have been telling me to study, alvin, study but my heart is yet so far away!! So, everytime my heart wins the brain!!
I use to have the cooperation between my heart and my brain *mutual understanding* during my FORM 3 period for PMR but this understanding is missing this time round! I know and expect i am gonna have a hard time this exams but I just can’t do somethng I don’t wish to do!
Yes, it is a students’ responsibility to study but I just can’t take it!!
I am taking time slowly to coop with what i am cooping!


Please do understand that Form 4 is an all together different thing!! I need time, in fact, everyone needs time to get into it! I just can’t be taking a cold bath and suddenly putting my self into a hot bath…… (Heh, what philosophy this is) Anyway, my point here is understanding!
No one really understands what I am going through now. No one but of course, GOD Does!
*I dont feel good writing this but these are all my thoughts and feelings and the things i’m currently going through!

My homework load is getting more! I just can’t finish at times! I can’t be doing my homework as in i don not have other things to attend too?!?!? I have ministry, is another part of things that i have to handle and coop on! Not to mention, drama and prefects!! It’s seriously tiring and sometimes, i just feel like giving up!

I just can’t wait for the school holidays where I can just do what I feel like doing! It’s the best moments in my life as a student! Although, staying at home is boring, it is still better than school! School, in my opinion is never good! UNLESS i get to study what I like, just like Aussie!
Our education system is too exam-oriented, which is giving preesure!
I guess playing computer will hopefully, kill my boredom! I’m still thinking if I should change the layout of this page!

Here is one challenge:

Can the govenment change my mindset towards education?”

Anyway, dinner’s waiting…. Got to go!! See ya guyz!!

*P/S: I seriously know how it feels as a student. Could someone please understand me??
I don’t know what I am writing, but i am writing what is bothering me in my spirit and my soul!



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