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Unanswered Questions

What do you use if someone decides to just forget about you and act as if nothing ever happened?

If someone truly loves, can he/she lets go so easily just like that?

Is there no way to treat your friends equally?

Pressing on.

Ain’t easy.

But what can I do?

I miss so many things.

Browsing through my inbox;
it tells me how much of a great time those days were;
it reminds me of how you use to put in effort and care;
it assures me of your heart;
and much more.
I know I will never get those messages again.
thats why I’ve not changed my memory card too.

Foolish ain’t it?

Where would you go to the extent of love?

i would go to the ends of the earth


I am currently having a flu. I caught a cold while bathing after waking up. My bad for impatient. No, not H1N1; I think. I met up with so many thousands of people which I dont know if they have got H1N1.

Just some thoughts that caught me thinking:
Do you leave your old friends every time you find a new group? If yes, how many times more do you want to hurt those you left? If no, then.. yeah, great!
Well, someone told me this about 2 years ago when she felt the same. Now I think I am feeling it too.


Another random post.

I seriously had a blast today with the Foundations Classmates, my ex classmates. They just make me laugh and laugh till as if my sorrows was never there. And out of everyone, I am the victim once again even though its not my birthday of CREAM. The cake was filled with so much cream and I was played by the 2 birthday boys instead. But wells, it did made my day a little.

I am on a one week holidays. Trying to fully pack it so that I won’t think of any nonsense which I do every night – because what happened is still vividly in my mind. I often question myself, whether it was my fault? But sigh… It always seemed to be my fault ain’t it? I am already pack Monday, Tuesday and Friday night. Anymore day time outings? Yeah, I forgot about my assignments. 5 in hand; 1 almost done.

Yeah, I am still going through some pain. Yeah, probably just me.

Holidays means onlining time. I have been like onlining for so much. Maybe its time to get more things done for ROCK and ADORE. Perhaps, I have things to do but just procrastinating it.

By the way, I just heard APIIT Bus Crash today. Thank God I didnt take the bus TODAY; i always do. The bus drivers from APIIT has always been reckless. What more can I say?

My ticket to HK is confirmed. I think I’ve been spending a lot. Australia, new desktop and now Hong Kong. Nowonder by siblings are complaining.

But blessings comes in many different ways. And I’ve experience it.
Certain things I used to think it was blessings; now I am doubting.
But making myself believe so hard that God has a purpose and thats the reason I hold on. Always. All the time.

Yeah, I am very much obsessed with the word CREAM because of you people. And guys, no need cake or cream for my birthday.
*thankiuverymuch* =P
And mother say, cannot go so much outings and parties. =PPP

Will things get any better?

I am trying to make myself smile and laugh again like I used to; has not been easy and will never be.

But this Facebook Number 69 makes me smiled a bit. =S
tell me it’s lame

I need to get myself into a piece again.

I can’t wait for holidays next week.

Felt like skipping class this afternoon but decided to go because of my poor attendance for that module.

Holidays- but so what?
Sleep, Eat? and grow fat!