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I am hating the pain i am going through. Not fun. At all. And sometimes I wonder if people really bother and care?

I was just forced to go supper after a 3 hours course when I had stomachache and all. Sighs..





Its not at all fun. It sucks honestly.

And emotionally, its hitting me again.
When will all these ever end?
Sick and tired of it. Really.

Am not giving a damn.
Not like the people bothers.


Hate it too.

Brisbane Part 2

When I arrived, Chris brought me for Grocery Shopping!

Then we went to Anzac Square. Following day!

What a bad way to walk! =P

I loved this! Really!

This is artistic! The bizzy city~

The Wednesday markettt!!

Chris and Jono! =)

Chris calls this artistry!

The Queensland Musuem

It does not belongs to Chris’

Southbank. Beautiful!

Yes, you seen it right. Awesome stuffs behind me =PP

The Napolean thingy!

Another Chinatown in Brisbane

I ordered the wrong juice!! Not too good! grrr

University of Queensland

Brisbane ;) Part 1

Captions and more later. Busy. =S