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bad day!

I just can’t help but to announce to the whole world today is a bad day. And it really does annoy me a lot.

Firstly, my Maths lecturer appeared into the class today. I naturally didn’t hate him because I saw he was a nice guy. I hated him for following the rules soo much that causes me the work. I was telling him that the previous Maths lecturer promised to let me sit for the test that was held during the camp the next class. But he never appered in the next class. He is now asking me to go to the Admin to talk to them and to give them a letter and to fill in the EC (Extenuating Circumstances) form to get a re-sit which will be conducted by the Admin staff. The test worth 35%. If I can’t sit for the test, I might not be able to complete this module. The previous lecturer said he can do it without involving the admin. He can just do the next class. But he, do this and that! I am kinda annoyed. This is no English Language class. This is Maths, many knows I hate Maths and i might fail if I don’t get to sit for this test. Worst still, Maths doesnt have final exams. So it totally depends on my Tests and Assignments

Secondly, I was having a migrain the whole day in school. the headache was so unbearable till I fill like slapping and hitting myself. The pain is so deep that I can’t even concentrate

Thirdly, Mr Suresh, I don’t know why, today kept picking on me, what I did during class, what I drew during class, what I talked about during class. Everything was on ME, ME, ME and ME. It kinda really annoyed me. Worst still, the class was till 6pm when I was so darn tired.

Forthly, the LRT. While I was from Chan Sow Lin getting into the Ampang train, I was squeezed like crazy. I was squashed into somewhat worst than sardines and tuna. It was really pack. I was afraid of pick pocket on the other hand. People were cursing and swearing at the train and people around when they can’t even ge out of their desired station. I understand how they felt. Everyone in there were also sweating. There was no air cond in the train. I was like dying inside. It makes me realise how stupid it is for the authorities to ask us to car pool or to take the public transport when our society is so dangerous. Our public transport is not on par. Compare the fuel height with the countries around us, why not compare the standard and convenience in their countries as well. Are we just raising because it benefits the authorities? Are the feelings of the citizens being brought to mind? If our public transport is convenient and well taken care, i am sure many won’t mind to take public transport. If our security system is slightly better, I am sure people will try to car pool. And right before I left the station, I was so irritated that I pushed my way through. And with my left hand’s last finger being hurt, I hurt my right hand’s last finger. I was scratched by a lady’s long long nails. It got me more annoyed. I was so upset over the day that I just bashed through the road after that. It was somewhat dangerous but my mind wasn’t on the right track already.

let’s get real!

Let’s get real. Ive come to a point where handphone is jst an accessory to me.
I an live without it anytime, anyday unlike how i used to hold it close to me.
I realise handphone has been a distraction to many. Previously, I admit. Handphone is one of the most can’t live without thing but it no longer is.

I am still patiently waiting for things to happen. I know I am feeling useless, aimless or perhaps not worthy enough to ammend this broken issue. But I chose to wait. Or maybe I just don’t know what to do and when to do because I always seems wrong? I am learning to adapt to a new environment altogether now. I know it’s like a few months after I entered college, but I admit I’ve not totally got use to college life just yet.

I am so deprived of sleep lately. =(


Yes. Again! After endless hardwork and effort.
St John’s still ended up in the 2nd place amongst the 6 schools in Kuala Lumpur in the finals yesterday. Everything went on well. It wasn’t as cheerful and as crowded as last year but the spirit was still there. As usual, St John’s and rivals Victoria Institution monopolised the whole area leaving CBNers to have just a small corner of itself.
The performance was just awesome. I mean our performance. For the first time, St John’s bought the steps from some International Arena and not cheorographed ourselves. Even then, we got Second Place. Yes, the judges were still similar. They was and always have been on VI’s side. It’s quite disappointing and fiery when you see your own school did so well and better than Victoria Institution. It was obvious we manage to shut the Victorians during our performance. With all eyes on our school. It’s not too fair when you see things like these happens but it’s out of my control. The only good thing in VI’s performance was the amount of people they have. We also quite a lot of people in the amrching band but probably just lesser by 10 people?
Even the Best Preparation Award was given to Victoria Institution, can anyone ever imagine that? We got the Best Drum Major cause if we didn’t, we’d definitly sue the judges. Don’t be suprise, tehre were years when it was obvious we got it, they got it at the end of the day.
I am trying to post up the video on my blog but it seems that I don’t know how to post.
Anyone can help? Hope to get the pics later =)


I’ve come to a point where I don’t know much about the people in my life.
Even people who are close to myself. I get so disappointed now that I once thought I know so much bout people. It’s so wrong. People keeps changing. People keeps growing. People just doesnt behave the way they should towards you even if they have an obligation to treat you just slightly a little better. I once thought I was good at names. I once thought I can recognise people easily. I once thought I can know people inside out but it is so not true. Maybe I’ve not spent enough time with this people. Especially people I care for soo much. I know I sometimes over care and over react but I meant it for the good way. But I really don’t hope to feel and get the rejection. It really hurts =(

Band Comp rocks! Am still waiting for the videos and for the pictures.

We made VI speechless once again. =)

you asked me

You suddely asked me if I was okay early this morning at 1am.
I replied I was not.
What on earth were you doing then when I am so not okay?
You did nothing.

Is this how you treat me?

Is this how much your love and care for me is?
I was worried till death for you and this is what I got.

I am just wondering so hard.

Thinking so much.
Well, I can’t wait for band competition tomorrow.It’s really gonna rock the house I am sure.SJI will always be the best. =)*i know i am loyal as always*


Is death everything? Is it the only thing that can make somone really strong inside cry? I wonders with eyes open now. I’ve been hearing this word for quite a number of times this week. It’s not just mere words but it is in this real world. I know you might say, ‘Everyone has to go through it eventually’, but in reality, we are (or perhaps) many of us are so scared of this word death. Whether is it people dying or you yourself dying. It is such a torture to even hear that word death. Although I know where I am eventually going, but I cannot deny that I fear the word death.
An aunty who used to look at me when I was young, buy things for me, carry me through the service is now in a critical condition. She only has 6 months to live. She is having lung cancer. And she herself doesnt know that she only has 6 months. She is now in the hospital i suppose. Although I no longer click to her as much as I was young, but I still do care. I wish there was something I can do. Well, I don’t know. I am so confused
Apart from that, Su May was calling me with an urgent mode in the evening. Asking about Ben/Benny. She was asking if my friend was named Ben. I was like yeah! And she told me that there was this guy claiming to be the little brother of Ben said Ben passed away. My heart sank. The first thing that came to my mind was HIM. I couldnt imagine anything and I was blank for a moment. I didn’t know what to do, who to sms, what to think of, who to call. And she was calming me down saying should be him, shouldnt be him. And to keep the story short, it wasnt him. It was someone else. But it woke me up just a bit. Really. I am still in shocking mode though. =S
Life Is Short. Appreciate What You Have Before it’s Too Late.
Jesus Loves You =)


It’s Wednesday! It’s like I just came back from camp yesterday.
The memories of the fun are still vividly in my memories. =)
We went to Petaling Jaya for the Famous Chicken Rice and later to A&W for some deserts.
We are kinda crazy. Not many went today as assignments are so gonna due in a day or two.
But it was definitly a great time of fellowship and fun time. Random pictures I’ve got. =)
The 2 gay partners with their waffles =P
My delicious waffle i suppose.. =)
I don’t know how this picture fall into my email account. haha
Okay. This is really childish.
Adrian was daring me that if I ever sit down and the thing does not break, he’d join the fun.
We left the rest looking at us. I was standing there under the hot bright sun.

The moment I sat on it: it was burning hot!!! =S This was our simple and fun outing for today.And did I blogged that my lecturers left APIIT. Muahaha.. =P

dive in!

ROCK Camp 2008
Let me flood you with pictures! =)
The ice-breaker
The word game..
First Worship Session
Signing the banner for ROCK Concert Night

Getting the clue for the Treasure Hunt throughout the camp!
Thats how we torture them.
Same thing. Modeling for this team.
You think they are hot? Well..
Session time..
Pastor Daniel and his slaves =)
Passing the rubber band..

Confession: I was the emo fella who throws balloon at all the teams who were trying to do their task.. haha
See.. =P
Posers, as you know.. =P
Concert Night
See how tired a camp commander can be? Opps.. it’s First Mate.
Bullying the YD.. Haih..

Water World Talent Time!!!
Pastor Daniel’s imitation!

Pastor Eddie’s imitation.
Gary dating Charis?
Okay. I don’t know what we were doing =P

Hug for the Nation Banner..


Worship Team

Camp Committee / Pirates

Let’s keep diving deeper! =)

feeling the nostalgia..

I know I am supposed to fill my blogs with pictures of camp but I just felt that I miss my Secondary School. I have left the little hill located in Bukit Nanas for just less than 7 months. I miss the school. I miss my friends. I miss the people I used to see. The duties I used to do. I miss every part of it. The fact that we are all scattered all over now makes things worst. Those who went overseas, so on and so forth. My life has never been the same without you people. I miss the laughter, the jokes, the fight, the work, the copy-ing (ooppps) and everything that we have done. Looking back at some of the best captured pictures during the last year of my high school, the feeling of friendship sparks. The feeling of teamwork pops up. Things that I am feeling now is beyond words. Every part of it is being missed by me now. I do regret skipping school right before SPM. Things could’ve been better.
Let’s browse through some of the nostalgic photographs.
The School Badge.
The main entrance of the school.
The overall architecture from the front. Still standing tall100th Year logo.
The Johannian Spirit Lives On..5/O- the most notorious and lazy class.

You can see the fun time we’ve had. In the lab, in the class, in the corridor; things are equally fun and easy. It doesn’t look like we’re sitting for SPM at all. Time really flies. I wish I could turn back time. The laughters were so real :)
Certificate for Drama Director 2006
Some of the best pics took in school. :) I wish I could have took more.

The best years of my life- was definitely in St John’s.
No where else I found such joy in learning.
The best of the best years. :)

I can now stand tall because of the school that stands tall.

I am who I am for how much the school has blest me with- not just education but moral values and spiritual growth. It’s more than a school. Or perhaps, it’s more than an ordinary Institution.
I am proud to be a Johannian.
Once a Johannian, Forever a Johannian!
*Green, White and True*

I would be going this Saturday for the band competition.
I hope you people will join me too in Dataran Merdeka.
Without a doubt, St John’s still reign supreme! :)


I am TIRED and SICK of waiting aimlessly and endlessly. Grrrrr
*I was thinking so much while driving so much when my dad was just shouting at me. =(