Monthly Archives: June 2007

If the oppurtunity

If the oppurtunity ever strikes me once more, should I take it or leave it. It is such a temptation to me. Seriously, some people would just take it without realising the consequences and taking the steps of precaution just in case something really happens. Well, I don’t want to do something that get someone into trouble either. It isn’t nice anyway. Or should I say it is hell no good. Probably I was right to just give it a stop to avoid things getting further. It will end up things get worst. I can never imagine what could ever happen. I really can’t imagine. I’ll see what works best for both parties.


Still feeling unsure of what I should do. I am contemplating about stuffs again (as usual!). And it is annoying to contemplate bout ridiculous stuffs isn’t it? But it can’t be control. It is really beyond my control. Well, trying to really get myself to bed every night is already a big issue by it self. It bores me when I can’t sleep. So, i will be bust contemplating about all the nonsence in life that you can never imagine. Seriously, sometimes it sucks when you do that. I really mean it.